Destination: Everywhere, Florida – Day 8

Day 8 – Manasota, Sarasota, & Beer Can Island

After getting a few hours of rest at a gas station parking lot in Naples, we were back on the road by 7:00am on Saturday, June 3rd. Our first stop was Manasota Key Beach. We have been on the hunt for shark teeth for a couple of years now. The first year, we tried Venice Beach, but didn’t have any luck due to recent beach dredging. Then when I brought the kids to Florida last summer, we stopped at Caspersen and Englewood Beach to look for shark teeth. After extensive searching the kids did end up finding one tooth each last year, but nothing like what we had seen and heard about from other people. This year I had caught wind of massive shark teeth findings at Manasota Key Beach, so the hubby and I had decided to check it out.

We arrived at Manasota Beach around 8:30am, which was perfect because it wasn’t crowded yet and it was still low tide. We walked down the beach a little way and got to searching.

{The sidewalk is literally paved with shark teeth. That’s got to be a good sign, right?}
{Manasota Key Beach}
Manasota Key Beach, Florida
{Manasota Key Beach}

Enviro Fact (16)

{There were huge piles of shells left behind by the tide when it went out. This is where we began our search for shark teeth.}

Found one.

Found another one. And another… and another…

This went on for about 20 minutes, at which time we had 45 shark teeth between the two of us.


Shark teeth at Manasota Key Beach, Florida
{My haul after about 10 minutes. I think it’s safe to say we finally found the spot for shark teeth. Definitely going to have to bring the kids back here!}

Enviro fact (17)

After finding more shark teeth than we knew what to do with, we left Manasota Key and drove about 40 minutes north to Sarasota. My aunt and uncle have a sweet little spot in Sarasota that they’re kind enough to let us crash at when we come to town.

{Adorable little spot for blog writing}

We dropped our stuff off at the house and then headed back out again. We went by South Lido Beach on Lido Key first. The kids and I went there last summer, but my husband wasn’t with us so he’d never seen it. Unfortunately, the water wasn’t nearly as clear and pretty this day as it was when the kids and I were there. Plus there was a storm moving in, so we decided to head on to the next spot – Beer Can Island.

{South Lido Beach, Lido Key}

Now this place is something special. There is one section of Beer Can Island that is nothing but a maze of mangrove trees and stumps. I absolutely love it here.

{Beer Can Island, Longboat Key}
Beer Can Island, Longboat Key, Florida
{Beer Can Island}

When you park and walk down the boardwalk to the beach at Beer Can Island, you’ll come out at an open beach area. From there, turn right and walk down the beach until you come to two concrete piers. Right past those piers is where the magic begins.

Beer Can Island, Longboat Key, Florida
{See that tree line? That’s where you want to be.}
Beer Can Island, Longboat Key, Florida
{Beer Can Island}
{Exploring the mangrove forest will bring out the kid in anyone}
Beer Can Island, Longboat Key, Florida
{Such a beautiful place}

While we were hanging out on a large uprooted mangrove tree, a couple of dolphins came swimming by to say hello (see video below).


After taking in the scenery for awhile, we headed back to the house for some dinner and some much needed rest. We have another big day of wandering ahead of us!


Totals for Day 8

162 miles

45 shark teeth

3 beaches

2 dolphins

{Trip planning and mapping made possible in part by the RoadTrippers app}

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