Destination: Everywhere, Florida – Day 2

Day 2 – Blue Spring State Park

After catching a few Z’s at a rest area in Wekiva Springs, we woke up early on Sunday, May 28th, and drove about 30 minutes back north to Blue Spring State Park in Orange City. In addition to being a shark fanatic, my husband is also obsessed with alligators. He had read numerous reports of alligator attacks at Blue Spring, so as you could guess it was definitely on the list.

When we arrived at Blue Spring, there was a line of cars that seemed to go on forever waiting to get in the front entrance. (Once again, my advice would be to visit the springs early in the morning during a regular weekday – not a holiday weekend like we did.) We waited in line for an hour, inching up every so often, and made it through right before they reached capacity at 9:30am – only an hour and a half after opening.

This place is something else. Wildlife everywhere, even with the crowds of people splashing and yelling. I have never seen so many alligator gar in my life, and they were so big! We also saw a few otters swimming and playing in the spring, which was really neat. They are literally the most adorable things ever!

{Alligator gar}

The only things we didn’t see were manatees (which usually only frequent the springs in the colder months) and, of course, alligators. The hubs was super bummed.  But man, what a beautiful place go wandering at!

Blue Spring State Park in Orange City, Florida, near Orlando
{Well… we did see this manatee. LOL! Cute though, right?}

enviro fact (2)

Blue Spring State Park in Orange City, Florida, near Orlando
{Boardwalk at Blue Spring}
{The tree canopy over the boardwalk is pure magic}
Blue Spring State Park in Orange City, Florida, near Orlando
{Gorgeous scenery at Blue Spring}
{Swimming area}
{The view looking up the river toward the spring}

After we left Blue Spring we headed back for the coast. We figured we might as well stop off at another beach before heading to our friend’s house for the night. Once again, our stop was completely random. This time we ended up at a spot called Block House Beach, which is right in between Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach.

{Block House Beach}

This area is known as Florida’s “Space Coast”, so if you’re a fan of space exploration and all things NASA you might want to check this place out. At Kennedy Space Center you can tour the launch-pad areas, meet veteran astronauts, see the rockets, train in spaceflight simulators and if you time it just right you may even be able to view a launch.

{Block House Beach}
{Block House Beach}

After hanging around at Block House Beach for a bit, we headed for Melbourne to crash at our buddy’s house. Other than going out to get a bite to eat, we pretty much just took it easy for the rest of the evening. One of those good friends, good beer, and good times kind of nights. Besides, we needed to rest up for the big day of wandering we had planned for Day 3!


Totals for Day 2:

134 miles

Countless alligator gar

3 otters

1 state park/spring

1 beach

Trip planning and mapping made possible in part by RoadTrippers.


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