A Beginner’s Guide to Sustainable Travel

The Mindful Mermaid

Why travelers need to take responsibility

You’re not the only one paying for your vacation. Who’s paying the highest price for the world’s transportation and tourism? The environment.

In an era where climate change and environmental degradation are at an all-time high, we need to address the traveler’s contribution. This applied to you if you’re globetrotter who’s been to 50 countries or if you’re simply someone who looks forward to each spring break in Cancun.

Now, first it’s important to understand that it’s not so much the fact that people are traveling as it is how people travel. Call it what you will– eco-travel, green-travel, responsible-travel—the objective is to be more mindful. Though this is an extensive topic to cover, I’ve broken down the basics to help average individuals make their travels more sustainable.

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